West Science Olympiad 2018 North Regional Results

West Science Olympiad 2018 North Regional Results
Posted on 02/14/2018
West HS Science Olympiad

(1st row l-r) Abraham Niznik, Nat Tieman, Kayla Malovrh, Hannah Senanayake, Grace Schuler, Lilly Blarek, Annika Tordsen, Anjali Dvorak, Ms. Derrick (coach); (2nd row l-r) Ariana Peters, Jeanna Kedrowski, Hannah Nygaard, Sanjana Arji, Kara Nyhus, Danyel Ma, Marisa Velasquez, Kenzie Ciepluch-Larson, Kaila Kasten, Connor Knezic, Kyle Durr; (3rd row l-r) Mr. Nelson (coach), Luke Anderrson, Renner Stubbe, Kory Rieth, Noah Knezic, Bennett Baumann, Jack Ford, Nathan Evers, Ben Stoecker, Eric Haag.

The Wausau West Warrior Science Olympiad teams participated in regional competition at the UW-Marathon County campus.  Twenty-one students from West earned fifteen medals in thirteen different events. 

3rd place in Food Science: Hannah Senanayake and Sanjana Arji.

3rd place in Microbe Mission: Grace Schuler and Anjali Dvorak.

3rd place in Electric Wright Stuff: Abe Niznik and Connor Knezic.

3rd place in Mission Possible: Kenzie Ciepluch-Larson and Nat Tieman.

3rd place in Mousetrap Vehicle: Jack Ford and Nathan Evers.

3rd place in Rocks and Minerals: Luke Anderson and Eric Haag.

2nd place in Herpetology: Luke Anderson and Sanjana Arji.

2nd place in Remote Sensing: Renner Stubbe and Jeanna Kedrowski.

3rd place in Disease Detective: Nat Tieman and Ariana Peters.

1st place in Disease Detectives: Grace Schuler and Hannah Senanayake.

2nd place in Write It, Do It: Annika Tordsen and Lilly Blarek.

1st place in Write It, Do It: Marisa Velasquez and Kaila Kasten.

1st place in Anatomy and Physiology: Kara Nyhus and Anjali Dvorak.

1st place in Wifi Lab: Bennett Baumann and Eric Haag.

1st place in Picture This: Jack Ford, Nathan Evers and Bennett Baumann.

Several adults from the Wausau West community also assisted with the tournament including Mr. Jeb Steckbauer, Mr. Bill, Collin Csuy,  Ms. Joe Ann,  Mr. Sam Morgan, and Mr. Tim Morgan. Wausau West High School Science Olympiad is coached by Mr. Paul Nelson and assisted by Ms. Kelley Derrick. Many thanks to these people for their contributions.