Supt Column - Community's Generous Spirit is the Best

Supt Column - Community's Generous Spirit is the Best
Posted on 01/02/2018

Wausau Daily Herald
12/29/2017 - Page A03

In the past month, our schools’ largest spaces — gymnasiums and auditoriums — were filled with student activities during many days and evenings. From elementary, middle and high school concerts and athletic contests to competitions such as Science Olympiad and SkillsUSA, thousands of people came out to enjoy performances and support and cheer for our students.

The community support for our students comes in many forms. Local businesses, philanthropists, nonprofit organizations and community members sponsor student clubs and teams, provide scholarships, and donate time, money and resources to increase students’ opportunities for success.

Another impactful way in which the community provides support is through their donations for our students in need. These donations include food, hygiene products, winter boots, winter jackets, snow pants, shoes, socks, underwear, leggings, hats, gloves, backpacks, sweatpants and sweatshirts. The kind, caring and generous spirit of our Wausau community cannot be overstated.

Thank you for supporting, and cheering for, our students!

Michael Schwei is the interim superintendent of the Wausau School District.