Book Review: "United as One" (Jenny Eder)

Book Review: "United as One" (Jenny Eder)
Posted on 03/28/2017

Wausau Daily Herald

03/26/2017 - Page A06



For fans of the I Am Number Four series, the final epic battle to win or lose Earth to the Mogadorians and their great leader, Setrakus Ra, is a long-awaited finale. In this science fiction series, teenagers, in a group called the Garde, were evacuated from their home planet when the neighboring planet, the Mogadorians, attacked.

Brought together in previous books, the group has tried to defeat Setrakus Ra and his army only to be forced to retreat. The power of the Garde’s home planet has been released on Earth, which means this time, the Garde is not alone.

Human teenagers now are equipped with their own legacies, but are vulnerable to their own governments and the Mog army. The Garde members feel a responsibility to protect the teens.

Meanwhile, the world’s militaries have offered their services to the Garde to fight the final battle.

The Garde members have to quickly determine who they can trust while planning their attack to save the planet that has sheltered them from the Mogadorians.

This page turner is full of action right up to the end, though the descriptive details of the alien war will leave some squeamish.

The author continues to intertwine the mystery of the power that was released while keeping the plot moving forward toward the big battle. Those who have read the series from the beginning will not be disappointed with this final installment.

Title: "United as One"

Author: Pittacus Lore

Publisher: Harper- Collins

Release date: June 2 8, 2 016

Pages: 449

Genre: science fiction

Audience: young adult

Rating: five stars

Jenny Eder is a library media specialist at Wausau West High School.